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This program is for our female allies. (Male allies, we’ll have other opportunities for you soon.) Applications are due October 4, 2019. 

This one’s for you…

Women of Color Collaborative is an intentional safe and restorative space for women of color to mitigate the impact of generational and societal trauma. We provide a reprieve from daily microaggressions and systemic discrimination. We developed our Collaborative Cohort because we were seeking and wanted to create a professional development workshop that affirmed our personhood and gave us the space to be vulnerable as we fully realized our power and autonomy while developing a toolkit for navigating the professional landscape. It’s a beautiful program.

Why are these spaces necessary?

Listen… “Diversity and inclusion” is a commodity these days. Organizations need people of color. But once they're done recruiting us, a common experience is one of “misaligned culture fit,” compromising any hope of a comfortable and affirming environment. The most challenging part for many of us, especially those working on behalf of the collective good, is that too often, our “allies” don’t truly show up in a way that 1. Affirms our personhood, 2. Supports connectedness among peers, nor 3. Leverages THEIR privilege and power in a way addresses and dismantles white supremacy or misogyny. Women of color do a lot of emotional labor as we move through the world. It’s exhausting. We need true allies who are non-complicit.

But we got you. Let us support YOUR growth.

The Ally Cohort is the first and only curriculum and training program specifically designed by black women to equip white women with the comprehensive understanding, tools, language, and framework needed to operate as a more affirming ally.

If you consider yourself to be an ally to women of color, this is an exciting and unique opportunity to get an education and compensate black women for their emotional labor. 👯‍♀️

+ Learning Components

  • Saturday Seminars - The program consists of 3 Seminars where we explore identity framework, historical/institutional influences, and personal values in relation to the racial and socio-political landscape. Participants will deepen their understanding of self, others and notions of community through comprehensive analysis and reflection.
  • Collaborator Spotlight - We give our Ally Cohort members the opportunity to learn about and support the businesses and unique talents of Women of Color Collaborative members.
  • Reader - We have compiled a custom reader of text written by women of color to enhance our learning.
  • Digital component - There are also 2 web modules for self guided learning, providing additional context and edification.*

+ Program Schedule

All Seminars convene from 9:30 am to 3 pm. A light breakfast and full lunch will be provided. Location to be announced.

November 9, 2019 - Seminar 1
November 16, 2019 - Seminar 2
November 23, 2019 - Seminar 3
December 3, 2019 - "Check In" Happy Hour

+ Fees

In order to provide you with the best possible experience, participation in the Cohort requires an investment of $400.

Keep in mind that we are flexible. Please come to us before any speed bumps become full-on barriers.

Your Cohort fee includes a tax-deductible donation to Women of Color Collaborative which secures your ally membership for a year.

+ Expectations for Participants

To honor everyone’s time and commitment, Cohort members must be punctual. If tardiness or absence is inevitable, we expect as much advance notice as possible through one of the many communication channels available to us all.

We ask that you do not plan for partial attendance. If you have a prior commitment don’t double book yourself. It’s ok; just let us know.

Cohort members are required to attend all 3 of the sessions to complete the program successfully.

As a member of the Cohort, we expect you to leverage your network to help further our community's mission. During the program, at least one person should make a donation to Women of Color Collaborative on your behalf, using the unique fundraising link we will provide.

What to expect

Applications are open now and are due October 4, 2019.

If you are selected to move forward, a one-on-one with a WOCC co-conspirator or board member will be scheduled during the week of October 14, 2019.

The final Cohort will be notified October 25, 2019.