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The Collaborative Cohort is a safe place for women of color to grow together. 

Co-conspirators Erika + Nicole have participated in several professional development workshops and programs. Like… a lot. We don't always have rewarding experiences, but we go because we know the value of personal and professional development. We go to legitimize our resume (as if these degrees ain’t enough…). We go so we can put our friends on because we also know the cost of being left out of these loops. After all… gatekeepers can't tap you for opportunities if they don’t know you.

Here’s the thing... “Diversity and inclusion” is a commodity these days. Organizations need people of color in their programs. But once they're done recruiting you, the comfortable and affirming environment is gone. We end up being the Token that gets that box checked. Or the Spokesperson who serves as the authority on all things black. Sometimes we’re expected to play the Sassy One who comes through with the slang and the wit, but doesn't offer much else. It’s exhausting.

So we developed the Collaborative Cohort, a program designed with women of color in mind.

The Collaborative Cohort is built to affirm the personhood of women of color. Together we’re fully realizing our power and autonomy while developing a toolkit for navigating the professional landscape. The Cohort brings together boss women across generations and industries, providing a safe space for them to grow together..

There are no age restrictions, no experience nor expertise requirements, and no nomination required. It's just our space, our learning, our growth, our liberation.

Applications for the current Cohort have closed

Be sure to get on the list to stay in the loop for future Cohorts.

+ Learning Components

  • Saturday Seminars - The program consists of 5 Seminars where we explore identity framework and personal values in relation to the socio-political landscape; deepen our understanding of self and community through comprehensive analysis and submersion; and broaden our knowledge of local issues, policies and organizations along with their community impact.
  • Thursday Magic Hours - There are 4 Magic Hours where the group is "hosted" in an informal setting by a woman in the community who embodies what we've discussed in the preceding seminar. The gathering is an opportunity for us to learn how our host's identity intersects with her work and how our historic and current socio-political landscape affects the way she shows up in the community.
  • Collaborator Spotlight - We give our Cohort members the opportunity to share their side hustles, hobbies, and other valuable experience with the group.
  • Journaling - We provide a custom Cohort journal for ongoing processing and reflection of our Seminars and Magic Hours.
  • Small Group Project - The program culminates with a small group project that allows Cohort members to put their learning into practice before a open and supportive audience.
  • Digital component - The "Cool, Calm, Collaborative" podcast serves as a digital companion to the program. Coming Spring 2019.

+ Program Schedule

All Seminars convene from 9:30 am to 3 pm
Each Magic Hour will last for 90 minutes between 6 pm and 8 pm depending on the guest’s schedule. The exact time and guest will be announced at the preceding Seminar and on Slack.

April 20, 2019 - Seminar 1
April 25, 2019 - Magic Hour 1
May 11, 2019 - Seminar 2
May 16, 2019 - Magic Hour 2
June 1, 2019 - Seminar 3
June 6, 2019 - Magic Hour 3
June 22, 2019 - Seminar 4
June 27, 2019 - Magic Hour 4
July 13, 2019 - Seminar 5
July 18, 2019 - Closing Dinner

+ Fees

In order to provide you with the best possible experience, participation in the Cohort requires an investment of $350. You can pay this amount in full, or you can opt into the payment plan:
$175 April 12 (50% of the total)
$60 May 3
$60 June 7
$55 July 12

Keep in mind that we are flexible. Please come to us before any speed bumps become full-on barriers.

Your Cohort fee includes a tax-deductible donation to Women of Color Collaborative which secures your Collaborator membership for a year.

+ Expectations for Participants

To honor everyone’s time and commitment, Cohort members must be punctual. If tardiness or absence is inevitable, we expect as much advance notice as possible through one of the many communication channels available to us all.

We ask that you do not plan for partial attendance. If you have a prior commitment don’t double book yourself. It’s ok; just let us know.

Cohort members are required to attend 7 of the 9 sessions to complete the program successfully. If you miss two of the first 3 sessions, you will be dismissed from the program with a partial refund and an invitation to apply for future Cohorts. Once we pass the fourth session (Magic Hour 2), if you miss two sessions, you will be dismissed with no refund.

As a member of the Cohort, we expect you to leverage your network to help further our community's mission. During the program, at least one person should make a donation to Women of Color Collaborative on your behalf, using the unique fundraising link we will provide.

Get to know the women of our second Collaborative Cohort!

Brenita Seay

“I believe that I have ideas, thoughts, and a genuinely positive personality that would be beneficial to the overall growth and improvement of the black community as a whole.”

Brittanie Blair

“I do not know ‘failure’ and I have never experienced it. I do, however, have a very close and personal relationship with ‘hard lessons,’ ‘ triumph,’ and ‘survival,’ which hav defined the majority of my life.”

Dwanna Kimbro

“I think we are stronger together and I would like to see and feel that sense of community.”

Kenisha Rhone

“I'd like to assist other women in reaching spaces of influence to enact the changes they see needed in their own communities”

Myisha Harris

“I want to empower women of color and teach them that together we are better and stronger.”

Nicole Stuart

“I value all the lessons that I have gained from failure and they have shaped how I operate in the world.”

Stephanie Reid

“My ultimate goal is to break generational curses and set up a comfortable life for my daughter and myself that we will be able to maintain.”

Support their work in the Cohort by donating to Women of Color Collaborative

We work to create a system where financial hardship is not a barrier for participation. Your support keeps our costs low. You can donate now to help us pay for supplies, like our Cohort Journal, meals for seminars, and scholarships for participants.

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