Welcome to the First Collaborative Cohort!

Here's a recap of the details for the Cohort. Be sure to complete the form at the bottom.

Cohort Schedule

Saturday, August 11 - Seminar 1
Thursday, August 16 - Magic Hour

Saturday, September 15 - Seminar 2
Thursday, September 20 - Magic Hour

Saturday, October 13 - Seminar 3
Thursday, October 18 - Magic Hour

Saturday, November 10 - Seminar 4
Thursday, November 15 - Magic Hour

Saturday, December 8 - Seminar 5
Thursday, December 13 - Dinner with Strangers (Cohort Closing)

*All Seminars are from 9am to 3pm
All Magic Hours start at 6:30pm


The local office of the TN Small Business Administration will be our home for the Saturday Seminars. Magic Hour locations will be announced.


As a member of the Cohort, you are also a member of the Women of Color Collaborative community. 

As such, we expect you to leverage your network to help further our community's mission. At least one person should make a donation to Women of Color Collaborative on your behalf, using your personal fundraising link. Don't worry, your link is easy to remember:


Replace XXXXX with your own name. For example, Melissa is a Cohort Member so her fundraising link is bit.ly/cohort-melissa

You also have access to our growing Slack community. Follow the link in your invitation to get started. Be sure to introduce yourself in the #intros channel, talk about your favorite books in the   channel, #power_reading channel, or shine a light on your sisters in the #black_girl_magic channel.  Download the Slack app for your phone or go to workplaybuild.slack.com.


Cohort Cost

In order to provide you with the best possible experience, participation in the Cohort requires an investment of $200. You can pay this amount in full, or you can opt into the payment plan.

You will be sent an invoice 2 days before the due date. Keep in mind that we are flexible. Please come to us before any financial speed bumps become full on barriers.


In full

$200, due August 3, 2018

Payment Plan

First Payment - $50, due August 3, 2018
Second Payment - $100, due October 12, 2018
Final Payment - $50, due December 7, 2018


Cohort Agreement

Complete this form so that we know you have read, understand, and agree to this information. You'll also upload your picture and bio here.

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