Our members are women of color who seek to support and be supported by other women of color. 

For as little as $5 a month you can help us leverage impactful resources, provide low-cost programs, and keep our (virtual) lights on.

We offer four levels of membership that all come with fresh perks and flexible contribution options. Choose one to get started. You may also use these forms to renew your existing membership.





The Fine Print…

Your membership will automatically renew until you inform us otherwise. Participants of WOCC programs (such as the Collaborative Cohort) are automatically members and any program fees will include their membership contribution for the year as outlined in the program’s fee schedule. 

We know gender and race are social constructs. “Women of color” refers to cis and trans women, femme, and non-binary people who are ethnic minorities or indigenous peoples. 

In keeping with our goal to operate as a safe place for people experiencing the very real consequences of being a member of a marginalized community, if you are white and/or your pronouns are he/him/his, we invite you to support us as an Ally.

Allies are people who are not women of color who seek to support our mission and vision.