Our Story


Infertility, high-functioning depression, hypertension, and anxiety have graduated from conditions vaguely studied in a 2-credit-hour health class to thematic undertones over bottomless mimosas. We are a generation who is the most educated, highest compensated, and who have achieved more positional power than at any other point in the history of this country. And yet we are the most plagued by physical and mental illness in both covert and overt ways. The impact of generational and societal trauma on the Black Woman is evident everywhere, from our communication norms to our literal genetic makeup.

Our individual suffering and trauma ripples through our social, professional and spiritual spheres, coloring our relationship with constructs, one another, and -- most importantly -- with our physical and spiritual selves. It's a communal affliction, but we try heal in silence. We talk ourselves out of therapy. We quietly Google indigenous practices. We self medicate. Let's not.

Join Women of Color Collaborative.

Conceptualized in 2015, Women of Color Collaborative is an intentional safe and restorative space for women of color to mitigate the impact of generational and societal trauma. The Collaborative is an incubator, providing culturally relevant and trauma-informed support for professionals across industries. And we're a community, a reprieve from daily microaggressions and systemic discrimination.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Rejection of white supremacist & misogynistic theory, practice and embodiment

  • Restoration of autonomy over our physical, spiritual and emotional health

  • Unapologetic embrace of indigenous and edifying practices, understanding, thoughts, and processes

  • Reclamation of our time, talent and treasure