We the People: Foundations for Good Citizenship

It’s an election year. Not The Big One that comes around every four years where anoint "the most powerful man in the world." It's that other Big One where we elect the people who represent our best interests in Congress. If we’re being honest, this midterm election may be bigger than the presidential election. 

Quick Facts

We the People: Foundations for Good Citizenship is our 4-week civics workshop.

We'll meet weekly for 4 weeks starting Tuesday, October 2, 2018, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  ($40)

Ally-friendly & Coed

But really... every year is an election year. Did you vote for Megan Barry? Or her replacement? Did you vote for that judge who was giving special treatment to his friends? Were you at the polls for all the primaries and run-offs in Nashville this year?

Maybe (like a lot of people) you don't vote because you believe your vote doesn't count. Or because nothing ever really changes anyway. Or because you don’t really know where to go and then you missed it.

We're not judging you either way. But we do want to help you vote if you haven’t and keep you voting if you do. We want you to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready if you will.

Join us for We the People: Foundations for Good Citizenship, our 4-week civics workshop starting October 2, 2018. We’ll cover some basics to help you determine what’s true and false about elections and elected officials. We’ll throw some context in the mix to help you muddle through everything on the news. We’ll give you everything you need to effectively (and safely) advocate for yourself, your interests, and your community.

The cost for all four weeks is $40. We ask that if you sign up you commit to attending each week to ensure the integrity and cohesiveness of the group. This workshop is ally-friendly and coed. And remember, Collaborators get 30% off our programs and events.

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